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Dental Garate offers general, family and cosmetic dentistry in Los Algodones, Mexico.
It is headed by D.D.S. Martin Garate.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide the highest quality life time dental care in a professional, caring and comfortable environment. We are confident that our services and friendly staff will exceed your expectations and make you feel right at home.

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Our Services


Dental implants are the most natural way to replace missing teeth.
Made of titanium, dental implants are designed to replace the root structure of missing teeth, providing support and stability for replacement teeth. They are the longest-lasting solution available.

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All-on-4” is a treatment option for candidates who may have limited or poor bone quality, but still have adequate bone for dental implant placement . In this procedure, four individual implants are strategically placed to avoid the sinuses and areas of the jaw that are deficient in bone quantity or quality, while still allowing us to place the implants without the need for bone grafting but still providing anchorage and stability for a permanent fixed prosthesis.

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You and Dental Garate team may determine that you need a tooth extraction for any number of reasons. Some teeth are extracted because they are severely decayed; others may have advanced periodontal disease, or have broken in a way that cannot be repaired. Other teeth may need removal because they are poorly positioned in the mouth (such as impacted teeth), or in preparation for orthodontic treatment.

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Teeth whitening is simply the process of lightening the color and shade of your teeth through common dental procedures. Just like the shade, color and texture of our hair are different, so also is our teeth. Very few people are born with naturally sparkling teeth. And so a lot of people choose to brighten the shade of their teeth via the process of teeth whitening.

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Oral rehabilitation combines all dental specialties for high complexity cases. Dental Garate counts with an experienced multidisciplinary staff that will diagnose your case accordingly throughout clinical exams and complementary studies.

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Dental veneers are a great solution for people with discolored, worn down, chipped, misaligned, spaced, uneven or irregularly shaped front teeth.

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To protect a weak tooth (for instance, from decay) from breaking or to hold together parts of a cracked tooth.
To restore an already broken tooth or a tooth that has been severely worn down.
To cover and support a tooth with a large filling when there isn't a lot of tooth left.

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When a person is missing teeth, he or she may experience a variety of problems. The person may become less confident in their smile and have difficulty speaking and eating certain foods. Dentures are appliances that are custom made to replace a person's missing teeth and restore the appearance and oral functions that were lost.

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Dental crowns are placed over existing teeth as supports for a bridge. Your teeth will be pared down on either side of the gap, and your dentist takes an impression of the prepared teeth. The impressions will be sent to the dental technician or laboratory where the bridge will be made. After completion, your dentist will then cement the completed bridge over the prepared teeth.

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Our Doctor


D.D.S. Ana Rocio Romero Gutierrez

Born and raised on Mexicali, Baja California.

I have always been interested in medical topics, when I was in high school I went to the ortodontics to get braces, that was my first approach to the dentistry world and I loved to go to my appointments. One day in vacations I asked him If I could go some evenings and assist him in his daily work, and after that I decided to study dentistry.

I love meeting people and see them happy when they have all their dental work done, the challenges of improving their dental health and aesthetics, finishing every day satisfied with the dental work that I have realized, the truth is: I cannot imagine doing something else for living.

Never is too late to go to the dentist, don’t be nervous, we don’t judge, we are here to help you to achieve dental health and cosmetics.


D.D.S. Isabel C. De Leon

I am D.D.S. Isabel C. De Leon. Originally from Rincon de Guayabitos, Nayarit.

I chose this career because I realized the positive changes that are generated in a person, both in their aesthetics and emotionally, I am pleased to see my patients leave with a smile and more confident in themselves, I contribute directly to the happiness of my patients who are always satisfied and ready to return.


D.D.S. Pablo Martin Garate Rodriguez

Hello, I am D.D.S. Pablo Martin Garate Rodriguez. I firmly believe that I did not choose this profession, this profession chose me, at first I wanted to study medicine but I was passionate about dentistry.

I can say proudly that I am dentist for 20 years. I have an implantology degree since 12 years by the UABC (Autonomus University Of Baja California).

I have a lot of experience in oral rehabilitation.

My purpose as founder and leader of Dental Garate is to provide the highest dental technology to each patient at the lowest cost, but especially with the least possible damage to their natural teeth.

I want you to know that when visiting Dental Garate, my team of professionals and I will do everything possible to preserve your natural teeth, since nothing artificial is compared.

A curious fact that I would like you to know is that since I started studying, I was the first in my class, in fact I was the first place of my generation. I consider myself a person very committed to my profession and very responsible for my work.

When coming here I will always try to help you. I constantly updating new products and equipment to practice dentistry more professionally.

I hope to see you soon. Your friend for life.

D.D.S. Pablo Martin Gárate Rodriguez

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